Elongated Man spin-off

Arrow is ending with season 8, so it’s reasonable to think The Flash could be winding down as well. And just like Flash spun off from Arrow (and Legends of Tomorrow started with a mix of characters introduced on Arrow and Flash), I think the next CW show after Batwoman should be a Ralph Dibny detective show – especially if they introduce Sue in the upcoming season.


I would like to see Ralph do more detective work.

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Ralphs been the only thing ive really enjoyed about The Flash the past 2 seasons. As much as I’d love to see a spin-off, there’s no way the CW would even consider doing it.

I don’t think there’s enough to Ralph to warrant his own series. If it were to happen, I’d check it out.

On a slightly related note, is the Netflix Stretch Armstrong series still a thing or was that cancelled?

Okay, after A Girl Named Sue (Flash S6E12) I want this spin-off even more. Except now with Sue as more of an Emma Peel (The Avengers – no, the other Avengers) type character.


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