Elections in DC Comics

Within the multiverse, is there an Earth or planet where there are elections or political parties dissimilar from our own (i.e. no Democratic or Republican Party)?

If not, it would be interesting to feature a comic where we can vote for the winner or see the election unfold without comparing them to our own parties.


The Legion of Super-Heroes functioned this way for many years. Periodically, readers would get to vote on who the team leader would be for the next year or so, and the most popular character would appropriately be given the honors.


Do you recall which years this happened in the comics?

I know the first one was in 1968, and the last one was in 2012… would have to do more research to get you more exact dates.

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It’s almost impossible to do this type of research on this service, because the letter columns, editorials, and house ads haven’t been digitized.