Eerie Superman?

I just started reading Superman this week. Does anyone else find Superman to be kind of eerie or uncanny sometimes?

He hooked himself up to brainiacs ship and his super mind was able to process its data. All the information of a million sentient cultures. Just the thought of a super mind is weird.

He memorized the wishing machine, a piece of cosmic technology, and built a new one literally by hand. As in, no tools. At super speed, if I remember.

He puts on a pair of glasses and no one recognizes him. Ever. That’s like a glamour or something.

I never realized how alien Superman really is!

The reason no one recognizes Superman when he puts on glasses is because people can’t believe that a being like Superman would live among us

That hardly seems like it’d be 100% effective

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The glasses also slightly change his eye color and he acts shy and clumsy so no one would suspect that he is actually Superman