Ed Boon Knows What the Next DC Game Is

Ed Boon made a tweet to Rocksteady saying that he can’t wait for them to finally reveal it.

Context tells us that he knows what it is and has possibly seen it.

This is the most credible tease we’ve gotten and it’s even more credible because it’s not a leak.

It could very well be Outlaws as the leak suggest but don’t allow yourself to think it is just yet. It could be something far different.


Boon is such a tease and a troll but in a cool loving way


Wasn’t something supposed to be revealed today, or was that fake?

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The reveal that was supposed to happen today was fake as usual.

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When do we know something will be close to being revealed?

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When Rocksteady gets a mini-site that has a very bleak picture and possibly a countdown lol

Maybe we’ll get something at E3 this year.


Arkham games have been rumored for every E3 since Arkham Knight. A lot of people were convinced WB Montreal was making a sequel to Arkham Origins.

Rocksteady’s Arkham Games are some of my favorite games of all time. I thought Arkham Knight was the last Batman game for them but who knows. Its weird how quiet they get though in between games, they are real secretive.

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Darn rumors never end. Hopefully there is something at E3. Not just for a new game but for rumors and speculation since AK to finally end.

If it’s something for Rocksteady then there’ll still be stuff going on for WB Montreal lol both companies have very different rumors and speculation going on

Most likely it’s going to be Batman Arkham Crisis

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Considering the Injustice games [mobile] usually get Arkham skins they will probably cross promote it that way