Ed Asner to Guest Star in DC Universe's DOOM PATROL

Can this show get any better??

The answer is YES! In an upcoming episode of the weirdest superhero show of all time, we will be graced by the talents of the one and only - Ed Ashner.

You fine folks may remember Ed from the classic Mary Tyler Moore show and his rendition of Santa Claus in the movie Elf. He has also voiced many characters in DC, Marvel and Pixar shows/movies throughout his career.

I for one would like to welcome, Ed to the DCU. I hope you guys will share your love and excitement too.


Granny Goodness (and Homer Simpson’s editor) himself! Hi-o!


He’s such a great actor, I like some of The Fugitive episodes where he play a bad guy, and he’s really funny on Mary Tyler Moore show playing Lou Grant. And as for voice acting he does a fantastic job! :slightly_smiling_face: Like I said he’s such a great actor.

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Lou Grant hates spunk.


But Cosgrove loves Freakazoid.


Ooooooooh I hope it’s weird

I hope he’s a villain

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Awesome news!

Pretty much my favorite live action Santa.

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Ed Asner was also Hudson in Gargoyles, Greg Weisman’s breakout animated series years before he developed Young Justice! I was really hoping to hear him again in YJ, but this is welcome news.

As Granny Goodness?


If you look close at the first few seconds of trailer for the “Doom Patrol Patrol” episode you can see Garguax’s robe. Asner might be good for that role…

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Hmm… I wonder if that’s who he is playing!