Earth-X comics

Hey folks

Just wanted to start reading some stuff that that has earth-x in the story line. Anyone give me a good starting point for them? Thanks

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This link may help


I really like Earth-X. It’s the Quality Comics superheroes in the darkest of all timelines.

The original Earth- X story by the great Len Wein was in Justice League of America Vol. 1 #107 and 108.

In All-Star Squadron, Roy Thomas used a lot of the Quality heroes in his Earth-Two stories and then realized that he had to figure out how to get them on Earth-X for continuity’s sake. He does so in All-Star Squadron #50. I call it the Harrowing of Earth-Two.

Grant Morrison did his Earth-X story in The Multiversity: Mastermen, which I thought was pretty great.

Those would be my suggestions on where to start.


The recent Freedom Fighters mini was okay.

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Thanks for the leads folks. Greatly appreciated, at least it gives me a starting point.