Earth Two Ollie?

After seeing tonight’s Arrow, I got to racking my brain brain about what role Green Arrow had in the original Crisis. Granted, it’s been about 30 years, but I was thinking he didn’t have a Doppelganger, which is surprising because he’s definitely a Golden Age hero and all the Golden Age folks lived on Earth Two. A quick peek at Wikipedia and I was so wrong, there was an Earth Two Ollie and he was in at least one comic I read. Does anyone remember Earth Two Ollie and how did he fare in the big consolidation? Also has anyone else wondered why we haven’t seen him end up with Black Canary in either Smallville or Arrow? Or is that not a thing in Comics any more like Helena Kyle as Huntress. Call me old fashioned or just plain old. I just can’t remember Ollie from other Earths. I’d ask my brother, but he’s not caught up yet.

In the Arrowverse Earth -2 Ollie died on the Gambit, and Robert Queen became Arrow. I feel it would be a fitting story to somehow have the two meet in the final season like Bruce Wayne met Thomas in “The Button” arc in 2017 I believe it was. Could be wrong on date. I can’t remember an alt GA in Crisis I do remember others.


Ollie and Dinah were reunited in the Rebith comics.

Dinah hasn’t been given her due in live action, in my opinion. Smallville introduced her fairly late as a side character… and villain/antagonist or something (I think she shows up a couple times as more of a hero later). Arrow bogged Laurel down with angsty Ollie history, then ran through a bunch of Canaries.

I assume the original plan was for Ollie and Laurel to end up together and have the Green Arrow/Black Canary romance from the comics, but then Felicity became a fan favourite (and frankly had a lot more chemistry with Stephen Amell) so the show went a different route. The closest Arrow came to the relationship from the comics is season two when Oliver and Sara are together (even if she was just the Canary and not Black Canary).