Earth One Graphic Novels

Hello all, I’m new to this streaming service and I was wondering if any of the Earth One graphic novels are on here. I can’t seem to find them and the search tool has been a pain so far.

Material that started out as Graphical Novels like the Earth Ine series are excluded from the 22k+ library.

Only single issues are in the library not trades.

Per the negotations between DC Universe and DC Comics a separate unit within Warner Brothers that actually publishes the comics and needs profits to stay in the business.

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You can get them pretty cheap on Comixology–they have specials around $6-$7 for the first entries. Right now there’s a special for the (good) Green Lantern one at $12.50.

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Yeah. They’re super cheap on ComiXology, but unfortunately they’re not available here. Would love it if they were on here though… (wink wink nudge nudge)