Earth 3 Joker aka The "Good" Joker

I’m just going to come out and say it; Earth 3 Joker hasn’t been touched upon for quite some time. I love the idea of flipping the roles of characters from an alternate universe. Batman: White Knight was one of them.

Issues of earth 3 Joker comic would pique my interest, and I’m sure more would like the idea too.

What fresh ideas would you bring to the table when it comes to a stand-alone Earth 3 Joker series?


This is something I’ve wanted to see more of too. I always thought it was a shame that Lex Luthor was supposedly the only hero on Earth-3. I know that since then they’ve done a few changes to that rule with Quizmaster and Justice Underground, but never in a way that I liked. I think in the New 52 there was a “Jokester” character but he was more of a chaotic neutral character. I always loved the idea in Batman the Brave and the Bold where Earth-3 Joker is Red Hood and his calling card is the Ace of Diamonds.


Really I think there should be a whole Earth-3 series and it follows the “villains” like Luthor and Joker as they try to free their world from the Crime Syndicate. Maybe they even form a “Justice Legion” with a bunch of other Earth-3 versions of villains