Earth 2

I think anything that Tom Taylor does for DC is usually epic and amazing. Earth 2 from the NEW 52 was easily one of my favorite titles of the last decade. I hate that it ended, especially considering how the tone and pace changed once he and Nicola Scott left the title. I think Earth 2: Society should be revisited at some point. Those characters were a fresh and interesting take on the old Justice Society, but their world was something we had never really experienced. It also opens the door for exploring just how much the New Gods have really effected the multiverse.

More importantly, Val-Zod being a black superman would be a great exploration into what it means to be a black superhero, maybe even THE black superhero. How would he deal with racism and bigotry? How does he deal with the fallout of his actions that lead to the death of his adopted world? How does he live up to the memory and legend of Clark Kent, and make the S mean something new for this world? And what about the hollowed out shell of a man that once was Alan Scott? His search to regain his humanity whilst balancing god-hood is always an interesting character study. Jay Garrick learning about the speed force would also be really cool and interesting. Dick Grayson becoming oracle and Helena becoming Batman is also a great way to explore the gender roles and legacy.

Also, the society interacting with their Earth Prime counterparts would be really interesting to see. A young society from one world interacting with a completely different society would be an amazing opportunity. And of course, The Justice League working together with Earth 2’s Society to end a major threat while balancing their different moralities would truly be a great story.

I know Earth 3 was restored when the multiverse “healed” itself. So Earth 2 must be back as well?That lends more opportunity for the Crime Syndicate to interact with Earth 2 and Earth Prime, showing how Earth 2’s experiences with war may change how they deal with major threats.

And Ideally we could bring back Thomas Wayne of Earth 2 as well. His death in convergence was honorable, but he was easily one of the most captivating characters of the story. I hate the recycling of Batman and making him the center of the DC universe all the time, but Thomas wasn’t the center. He was the Societies analog to wolverine, and that alone is reason to explore him deeper.

I always loved Earth 2 and I just hope at some point it comes back and lives again.



Love Earth 2. Read it all with tie-ins & such. I’ll definitely read it again & I agree with your opinions, hope it returns as well.

My review of Earrh 2 by Tom Taylor
Issue 17 on

I liked Tom Taylor"s work on
Earth 2, beginning with Issue
17, available in the library.

If you liked his work in
Injustice, he is better here.


The situation is desperate.
Superman, Wonder Woman
and Batman of this earth are
dead, along with all Amazons,
Lois Lane and Catwoman.

Helena Wayne and Power
Girl have been transported to
main Earth, in Worlds’ Finest
Title, which is also great.

They were the only heroes of
this world.

The newer heroes, young
versions of Justice Society,
Green Lantern, Flash and
Hawkgirl, are inexperienced.

The World Army is helpless.

Darksaid has a new
Superman, who might be
resurrected from the old
Superman, under his control.

The rich, who attempted to
flee the planet in a spaceship,
suffocated in space, when
this Superman attacked the

New characters take the

Thomas Wayne, with
Hourman’s powers and a gun,
is the new Batman.

Lois Lane’s mind resides in
Red Tornado.

Thomas frees three

Jimmy Olson is Oracle,
hacker of all the information
in the world.

The Queen of Atlantis is

There is a Krytonian who has
never seen the sun, a Zod.

In a sense, this series uses
versions of the oldest charac-
ters in the DCUniverse, and
uses them superbly.

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So I am starting to read New 52 Futures End. And it mentions a war with Earth 2 in it. Does this Earth 2 series take place before and tie into the Futures End?

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Futures End does tie-in with Earth 2. Check a reading order it will lay it out. I’ve got it written down in one of my notebooks. If you can’t find it I’ll dig it out.

The start of Earth 2 consists of three series

2011 Huntress mini (Helena Wayne) on the main DC Earth

2012 Worlds Finest
Huntress with Power Girl on main DC Earth. They came from.Eaeth 2

2012 Earth 2 1st issue is death or exile of existing ‘Wonders’ on.Earth 2 and the new Wonders of young Alan Scott Green Lantern Jay Garrick Flash and Hawkgirl who replace Earth’s 2 Superman.Wonder Woman.and Batman

Catching my buddy up on the line , an I cant help but to stop an re read em , it is a super set of runs an tie ins loved it !

Earth 2 was an excellent book with some amazing writers. Taylor had big shoes to fill when Robinson left but I think he crafted an amazing story.

I liked World’s End but didn’t enjoy Society. The art on that book was painful to look at

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