Earth 2 Huntress Helena Wayne Trade Out

Huntress Origins Trade is out

For those who like the Earth 2 Helena Wayne version as the daughter of Batman.and Catwoman.

Summary following lists where Reprints come from for those who want to find these stories in.our library including the backups in.Wonder Woman

These are the 1970s stories that first
introduced the Huntress: daughter of Batman and Catwoman of Earth-2! But after her mother is murdered, Helena dons a costume of her own. With her crossbow as her weapon, the Huntress vows to avenge her mother’s death. This title collects stories from DC Super Stars #17, Batman Family #18-20, and Wonder Woman #271-287, #289, #290, #294, and #295.

Written by:
Paul Levitz

Art by.
Bob Layton
Steve Mitchell
Bruce Patterson
Joe Staton

255 pages

Several stories with Power Girl as well as Dick.Grayson

She meets the Joker also