Earth 2 and Earth 2 Society-- thoughts?

I reread everything Earth 2-- Earth 2, Earth 2: World’s End, and Earth 2: Society. And it was during Earth 2: Society #14 where I stopped being able to proceed. I had waited throughout E2S to see if anything interesting happened, but it never did. I agree with what some others say-- Nicole Scott’s art is beautiful. Tom Taylor had some real fun in his run. But the rest is just uninspiring and dull. Earth 2 itself had the best material. E2WE was so many issues of meh written by an army of people who couldn’t figure out how to raise stakes; they had literally four horsemen of Apocalypse and only faceless masses were lost. I mean-- at least create characters we can care about to kill off! Maybe the worst is the emergence of Rebirth and how even with the days numbered on this low stakes series could not be bothered to rev it up.

The last storyline in E2S I read was about a war between these displaced people. It was mostly inaction and political talk. In fact, the climax, meant to stop a war was kind of a Deux ex machina and we never saw what kind of war would even be taking place on this new planet. I’m going to punish myself by just scanning the pages through 22, but I honestly don’t know why, don’t know how I stuck around as long as I did or how this boring storyline continued to slip under the radar and continue to be published. And ultimately these characters vanished forever with a whimper even after big Convergence possibilities… Yawn.

So my recommendation: Don’t read anything Earth 2. Read Injustice instead for some real stakes and fun.

I liked Tom Taylor"s work on
Earth 2, beginning with Issue

If you liked his work in
Injustice, he is better here.


The situation is desperate.
Superman, Wonder Woman
and Batman of this earth are
dead, along with all Amazons,
Lois Lane and Catwoman.

Helena Wayne and Power
Girl have been transported to
main Earth, in Worlds’ Finest
Title, which is also great.

They were the only heroes of
this world.

The newer heroes, young
versions of Justice Society,
Green Lantern, Flash and
Hawkgirl, are inexperienced.

The World Army is helpless.

Darksaid has a new
Superman, who might be
resurrected from the old
Superman, under his control.

The rich, who attempted to
flee the planet in a spaceship,
suffocated in space, when
this Superman attacked the

New characters take the

Thomas Wayne, with
Hourman’s powers and a gun,
is the new Batman.

Lois Lane’s mind resides in
Red Tornado.

Thomas frees three

Jimmy Olson is Oracle,
hacker of all the information
in the world.

The Queen of Atlantis is

There is a Krytonian who has
never seen the sun, a Zod.

In a sense, this series uses
versions of the oldest charac-
ters in the DCUniverse, and
uses them superbly.


I really enjoyed Earth 2. I loved the art and when Tom Taylor came aboard, things really started to kick off. World’s End was a strange tie-in but I went with it. Society, however was when I fell off. I wasn’t enjoying the art and the story lagged.

While I’m a huge fan of the original Justice Society and the original Earth-2, I liked that this new incarnation was allowed to go in its own direction. Alan’s powers coming from the Green and Solomon Grundy being an agent of the Rot? How cool was that! The reveal of the “evil” superman was something I hoped for since we saw a certain scene in the Darkseid issue of villains month. Loved the direction they went with their version of Red Tornado. There were so many cool ideas and interesting stories and it was a shame to see all that come to a halt.



I agree that later arcs wete not so good.

When Helena Wayne Huntress and Power Girl came back to Earth 2 to join the fight, the title lost its energy.

But the arc I am talking about was Superb.


@TurokSonOfStone1950 couldn’t agree more!

I loved that series. Did u read it with all the tie-ins? Constantine vol 4, Secret Origins, Bats/Supes, Futures end etc. one of my favorite reads tbh.