Each Batman Arkham Game Is Unique

Every Arkham game has something special about it that makes me enjoy them.

  1. Arkham Asylum has the best story
  2. Arkham City has the best gameplay
  3. Arkham Origins has the best boss battles
  4. Arkham Origins Blackgate has skins that enhances Batman’s abilities
  5. Arkham Knight is the most challenging
  6. Arkham VR allows you to actually be Batman


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I love Arkham Origins. I actually prefer the look, sound, and tone of Origins over Rocksteady’s games. The stuff with Alfred and Gordon is great too. It just feels more like how Batman’s world feels in my head. Arkham Knight perfected the gameplay. Like you said, they’re all special.

I love all these games though and will probably be replaying them until I die.

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Origins actually felt and looked like christmas eve and the snow storm was a great reason for why citizens stayed in.

Arkham Knight didn’t feel like Halloween besides the Diner stuff.

I used the Batman Returns soundtrack as custom music for Origins and it was perfect

I could never cover up Christopher Drake’s soundtrack. It’s so good. Origins and The Dark Knight Returns soundtrack make a great case for him composing a live action Batman film.


I would actually argue that Origins had the best story overall. Arkham Asylum was a great love letter to BTAS, but I feel like Origins was a better retelling of Batman Year One that has ever appeared outside of the comic medium.


Good points

To me arkham origins is way to underrated. It was my favorite one. I love how the suit looked and the vibe batman gave off in that game was well beyond intimadating. Plus Its story, environment, boss battles and map were great. To me its probably the best batman game ever made. But what would be perfect would be combining the look/style of the characters, the boss battles and the theme origins with the graphics and gameplay of knight along with maybe the amazing type of Easter eggs and creepiness of city and asylum. Then also have a map twice the size of all the arkham games put togeather, and more side missions.

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Origins is probably the strongest in terms of story, gameplay, and voice acting. Baker and Craig-Smith are both worthy successors to Hamill and Conroy. You could really believe these were meant to be younger versions of them.

Also I actually really enjoyed the game’s multiplayer even if others didn’t. It was cool to have to strategize against players who knew to look up for you if you were playing as the Dynamic Duo and vice versa.