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Hello everyone here at The BatFam and welcome to another session featuring The Batman Family series. This time around we have The Batman Family issue #2, which sees Batgirl trying to break up the Dynamic Duo though not for the reason you might think. Also included is another adventure with Alfred, an appearance by Cluemaster and Vicki Vale attempting to solve the mystery of Mysteryman.

Bat Family Roll Call #2

  • Batman

  • Robin

  • Batgirl

  • Alfred

Special Appearances

  • Aunt Harriet

  • Mysteryman

  • Cluemaster

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Issue to Read


Discussion Point

  1. Which of these stories was your favorite?

Coming up next month

  • Batman Family #3

This issue is 100% reprints of earlier comics, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a load of fun. The appearance of James Gordon as Mysteryman is especially amusing. And we get the debut of Steph’s dastardly daddy! It’s a cavalcade of Silver Age silliness, and I’m all for it.