Drowned Earth

Am I alone in thinking Drowned Earth was one of the worst stories of 2018? The characters seemed to be written out of character and the whole story just didn’t seem to flow. I also felt like parts were way too dialogue heavy and the art was not up to previous Justice League comic standards. In all, I never had fun reading this story. Am I alone here?

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I haven’t read the finale yet, but so far it’s felt a little off to me in general. The story feels kind of jumbled. Maybe I’ll like it a bit more after I read the last part but so far, it’s a bit of a miss.

Haven’t read the comic so take my opinion with a grain of salt but from the description it sounds like a repackaged throne of Atlantis from the new 52.

Drowned Earth is more of “Humans are turned into aquatic creatures and the Justice League has to save the world” kind of deal.

Throne of Atlantis is much better.

sorta, I stuck with the first 10 issues of JL and Witching Hour but didn’t follow them into Aquaman and DE

It definitely wasn’t great. I only followed it because I’ve been enjoying Justice League and I didn’t want to be lost on the other side of the crossover. Overall it felt very much like a DLC sidequest in a video game but one that ties heavily into the main plot so you kind of feel obligated to follow it even whild it weighs the story down.

I thought the Drowned Earth special from this week and last week’s issue of Aquaman were the best parts of this story, the special in particular as it was a fun read.