Dreamer Makes Her DC Universe Debut in Superman: Son of Kal-El #13

It’s the dramatic DC Universe debut of Dreamer!

When every hero on Earth is threatened by Henry Bendix’s machinations, it’s a race against time for Dreamer to warn Superman before it happens! But will this mysterious new ally’s premonition become a nightmare for Jonathan Kent?

Also, here are the snazzy variant covers for Superman: Son of Kal-El #13 (the main cover by Travis Moore can be seen above), which has a July 12th release date:

A.L. Kaplan card stock

1:25 by Clayton Henry

Are you :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: excited for Dreamer’s official DCU debut?


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As an ardent Superman nerd who also likes Dreamer, I’m jazzed she’s making her DCU debut in the pages of a Superman book.


I’ll be honest – when I first saw her in some of the episodes leading up to Crisis, I wasn’t really into her, because she felt in a lot of ways the opposite of the Dream Girl/Dreamer I’ve read in the comics. But when I found out that the show Dreamer is a decendent, I came to like her a lot better.

So yeah, definitely looking forward to seeing her become part of the main continuity. :slight_smile:



Maybe this is a precursor to her own book? A Dreamer mini would be dreamy.


And then a Supergirl HBO Max spinoff for Dreamer and Brainy.


Say that’s actually happening, and you’ll be my hero…

Or is it just a dream? Probably a dream.


That would be cool. That does remind me – I had the thought recently that with all the new/more prominant LGBT characters in the DCU, I wonder now if they could make a JLQ book with some big names that could work. Like, I’m thinking a team consisting of:

Jon Kent / Superman
Kate Kane / Batwoman
Alan Scott / Green Lantern
Nia Nal / Dreamer
Jackson Hyde / Aquaman
Artemis / …Artemis

I dunno, I’d read the hell out of that.

The talk of her and Brainiac 5 does remind me of something I’ve been seeing a little of when this was announced, that I think there might be some pull by fans to start shipping Dreamer with Jon, which could be interesting.

Then again I also saw some shipping Jon with Jackson when he guest-starred in Son of Kal-El, so…I think what’s really going on is that a lot of people find Jon’s current boyfriend boring as dirt and are trying to give Jon literally anyone else who might be more interesting. :sweat_smile:


I would absolutely read the hell out of that. Good call!

As Batman said in Batman Returns, “You might be right.”


While I would of course read that JLQ lineup I think that if there was a JLQ book made it would be better to go with notable queer characters who aren’t just “A-lister… but gay!” That gives the team its own identity as a team which I think is important.


Someone said it already but this is what I imagine to be in a relationship with superman.

We just met Jay Nakamura and I already feel like he’s a throwaway love interest.

Like Bea from Nightwing

And Tim drake new love interest Bernard.

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Should Jon and Jay not work out, I really hope Taylor avoids turning him into a jilted ex that wants to bump off Jon.

If they don’t click, fine, as Jay can still be friends with Jon. Just don’t let him fall into the “ex gone bad” cliché.

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