Dream Writers on Characters in or out of continuity

There are particular writers in comics we would love to see working with certain artists and we love to see those dream teams on projects featuring certain characters in the DCU. For this thread I want people to write What DC would they love to read with a creative team that they can trust. These could be for an ongoing series, a limited-maxi series, a original graphic novel or a Black Label series. For me personally I have been interested in seeing SUPERMAN or ACTION COMICS by Jason Aaron (Writer) and Ed McGuinness (Artist). I had a rough time with my pick, but these are dream teams. With a a particular writer, artist and character(s).

They could be writers and artists that have had previous seminal runs on the characters already and you want to see them come back for a BLACK LABEL project.These teams you pick are not bound by anything, if Bendis comes to DC, Jurgens comes back to Superman, Rucka returns on Wonder Woman, anything is possible. So have fun and get wild!!! :slight_smile:

If so what would the story arcs you wish that creator would have planned?

  1. Tomasi and Jurgens back on Superman and Action
  2. Johns on JSA & the Legion of Super-Heroes
  3. Marv Wolfman on Teen Titans
  4. Venditti on The Flash (but don’t take him off Hawkman)
  5. Perez on Wonder Woman
  6. Chuck Dixon on Batman and Detective
  7. Gail Simone on Batgirl
  8. James Robinson on The Phantom Stranger
  9. Mark Waid on Justice League of America
  10. Elliot S! Maggin on Green Arrow
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Phil Jimenez writing and drawing a new Legion of Super Heroes series! He’d make the future bright again. He’s always respectful of the past while infusing a new energy into his books


Honestly, I’d ask for a Black Label Batman book by Azzarello and Bermejo.

So I’ll just say I’d like MORE of that :blush:

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