Dream non-comic writers on dc comics

So for example my top 5 would be

George r.r. Martin doing Fourth world (new gods, mr miracle, forever people, etc)
Stephen King - Books of magic
Larry Correia - Haunted tank
Jim Butcher - Batman
Larry Mcmurtty (lonesome dove) doing Jonah Hex


A mix of literary, film and TV writing talents:

-Rockne S. O’Bannon on an Adam Strange book
-Steve Alten for Aquaman
-more of Stephen King for Batman (he wrote a small bit in Batman #400)
-D.C. Fontana on anything
-Dan Brown for Hawkman
-Terry Brooks on Amethyst
-Bruce Campbell for Superman

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Anne Rice on Madame Xanadu
Stephen King on Creeper
Quentin Tarantino on Sea Devils

JK on zatanna

Mike Connolly (Bosch writer) for Batman
Pete F. Hamilton for New Gods

Since we’re talking dreams, let’s go all out!

Robert A. Heinlein on Legion of Super-Heroes
Douglas Adams on either Superman or Captain Marvel/Shazam
Stieg Larsson on Batman and/or Batwoman
H.P. Lovecraft on Swamp Thing (preferably with an editor who smacks him on the hand whenever his racism flares up)

Lawrence Kasdan on Adam Strange. I could also see Green Arrow.

Hideo Kojima writing The Flash

The Marquis de Sade doing Harley Quinn, The Question (dialogue between a priest and a dying man are so up Q’s street), Lex Luthor series (The misfortunes of virtue seem apropos for Lex), Kilowog, Gnort and Hippolyta.

George Bernard Shaw writing Green Arrow.
Conan Doyle writing Batman (the world’s greatest detective writer writing the world’s greatest detective. Especially as a continuation of Gotham by Gaslight)
Shakespeare writing Thymescra history plays. It seems to me the Amazons in iambic pentameter would be awesome!!

I’m not a big fan of non-comic writers coming in to do comics most of the time (they usually don’t quite understand how the medium works), but a James S. A. Corey Adam Strange book would be AWESOME.

I’d love to see Christopher and Jonathan Nolan write a John Blake Batman title that picks up after The Dark Knight Rises.

I’d like to see Dale Brown do something with Checkmate or Captain Atom. I loved his novel “Tin Man”

Stephen King on Swamp Thing or Constantine. Pretty self explanatory, Stephen King is a horror master and he would do wonders with these characters.

J.k. Rowling on a Teen Titans/Young Justice team with Zatanna as the focus. Like Zatanna first introduction to the team and shes still getting use to her powers while simultaneously going on missions and etc. Have her progress from being a kid into an adult and a member of the justice league and we follow her the whole time.

George R. R. Martin on A Fourth World/New Gods seriee featuring space politics and scheming for power like Game of Thrones. Feautirng Jack Kirby’s famous Fourth World characters like Forager, Mister Miracle, Barda, Darkseid, Orion, Allfather, etc

Rick Riordan on Donna Troy. Have Donna go through the development and a journey through iconic mythologies not just Greek, featuring famous mythological characters, creatures, items, etc.

James A. Corey on The Omega Men. Space crew on a space adventure featuring cameos from famous DC cosmic characters and nations. Like the Green Lantern Corps, Lobo, Mongul, etc.

Ernest Cline on Batman Beyond. A futuristic world where Ernest can experiment with Virtual realities and A.I. and have famous future iterations of Iconic DC Characters.

Andrzej Sapkowski on Demon Knights. I feel like he would let loose on medieval DC and it would be pretty wild to see.

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Well, if we allow for resurrecting writers who are no longer with us, Raymond Chandler on the Question or Slam Bradley and Dashiell Hammett on Elongated Man (given that Ralph and Sue are based on Nick and Nora Charles from The Thin Man, which is excellent).

Stephen King on Swamp Thing or Constantine
…or maybe a Scarecrow and/or Joker heavy Batman story

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