So I like drawing people in DC, on 1 side of the paper, for example, would be bruce wayne, and on the other, batman. I asked a friend who next and he said either Killer Croc or Joker, his 2 favorites. I said I could make Joker, but not the before part, since his identity is unknown. But is there anyone who knows what killer crocs (when he was a human) skin tone, hair, eye color, and all that other stuff, was like?

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Or is there no evidence of him as a human

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Cause I’ve been looking all over the internet and I have found nothing so I wondered if you guys know anything

Yeah after watching a lot of origin videos, none of them showed what he looked like as a kid, only said that as he grew, his condition got worse. Any moderaters that could help me with this, I really want to help my friend😂

I found this for you


Hope it helps :slight_smile: