Dr. Jace - Theory (Spoilers)

Probably been discussed already, but I have a theory regarding the identity of Dr. Jace’s daughter.

It is Cassandra Savage.

Dr. Jace was willing to follow along with the kidnappings of metahumans, which I view as unforgiveable regardless of her alleged desire to protect the test subjects.

If she does actually feel guilt over her actions, then perhaps a desire to go after Savage and get Cassie back is what driving her.

In the comics, Dr. Jace eventually betrayed the team, so perhaps this betrayal is less about villainy and more about family.

Of course, even if Dr. Jace does care about the Outsiders, does not mean that she is not using the heroes.

Any thoughts?

Interesting, I guess we’ll have to wait and see, good evidence to support this.