Dr. Fate, fixing Kirby's squiggles

I recently bought some Twomorrow’s Kirby Collectors. It’s a Jack Kirby fanzine with lots of articles, old interviews, concept art, comic-con commissions, and best of all copies of pencils before inks. One one the pencils I decided to put Doctor Doom squiggle back into Doctor Fate! Taken from Page 2 of Super Powers Vol.2 #3 (Nov. 1985). Kirby’s squiggle on metal textures is iconic not sure why it was changed. Maybe a time crunch? Why make something not look like the King’s work, he is the GOAT.

Image 1 - My digital inks & colors on Kirby’s pencils.
Image 2 - Kirby’s pencils, found in Jack Kirby Collector #38
Image 3 - Greg Theakston inks & colors from the original comic.