DPC: Doom Patrol Comics(1987-): Issues #13-18(April 27-May 3) (Week 12)

The Doom Patrol plans to resume their search for the Chief…plans that change drastically when Power Girl shows up at their door to enlist them in the battle between Order and Chaos.

:robotman_dp:Welcome Doomsters to another week of DPC! this week we’ll be going through reading with the group still searching for the chief and power girl arrives to enlist their help and more!

:robotman_dp:Here’s the link here to start reading: Doom Patrol Comics #13-18

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Gotta love the repeated cover motifs of this era of DC.


Who got there first?

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JLI did it first. The Doom Patrol cover is a spoof/homage. Then once these gags get going…


That’s fantastic

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I would be more afraid of Val

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Inker Al Gordon talked about doing this DP cover in the comments section of a blog:

If I’m not mistaken, Erik may have done the layout for the JLA cover, and since I was Inking the Book at the time, I was slated to Ink it. Then behind my back and without telling me, Helfer gave it to Terry to Ink. I was a little pissed, mostly because I was finding out that Andy was not to be trusted,but I couldn’t complain too much since Terry did such a great job… so, as a bit of a Joke, Erik asked me if I wanted to Ink the JLA cover that Terry had already Inked and I was confused… then he showed me this. Funtime!


So, we wrap up the Kupperberg run. It feels like he had a direction and an idea for the Doom Patrol, and though he doesn’t get all the way there, there’s still some good stories here. Despite interruptions for obligatory crossovers, Kupperberg managed to wrap up his run satisfactorily for the most part. Though he must of have had more in mind for Arani, she just dies and we don’t know why she was claiming to be the chief’s wife.

I like the reveal the Neg-woman was working for the chief the entire time. Can’t trust that lady

Chief’s big return to fight General Wrinkleface was nicely done.

So, where does that leave us?

On the way to Morrison weirdness.


definitely agree, feels like with Kupperburg he went for something no one thought of and yep, Morrision run here we come. :robotman_dp:

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In the process of reading it and…is it mentioned how old Rhea is? I ask because for some reason (maybe her crush on Joshua) I was reading her as fairly young, like 16 at the most, which would make her being posed in a thong bikini like she is in issue #13…a little odd, to say the least.


Yea, the way she looks in the comics makes me think too that they drawn and wrote her in that way but yea, definitely looks different from the show.

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I definitely took her to be a teen.



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Okay, possible sexualization of a minor aside, I finished all the issues for this and…outside of that weirdness, there’s some pretty good stuff, though I feel like there was some untapped potential there.

First, I have to say I really liked the Power Girl team-up. It was a pleasant surprise to see her here, and even if it was part of her weird “trying really hard not to make her Kryptonian” phase, she was just as powerful, vivacious, and strong-willed as she is in some of her most classic and iconic stories.

What was also surprising to see was Dorathy Spinner. Of course I knew of her from the Morrison run, but I figured that Morrison created her. While there wasn’t a lot of her here, it was still neat to see.

While it was cool to see The Chief back, I am kind of sad what it took away from Amari. I really wish they got into just what her deal was if she wasn’t really married to him. Speaking of…anyone get the feeling that he was just straight up lying about Amari? Like the way she talked about her really felt like textbook gaslighting to me.