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When i go offline to read downloaded books, I get zilch, just the “youre offline, trying to connect” message. What am I doing wrong, not doing, or is this a kmown issue?

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Hi @boodikhan, I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this issue when trying to download comic book issues. Unfortunately, community moderators do not have the ability to view account details or the technical system to assist you with this.
Please reach out to our Technical Support team at

They’ll be with you as soon as possible to follow up on this. We appreciate your patience and understanding. :orange_heart:


I have the same issue. Latest DC Infinite app version running on the latest Android 13 on a Galaxy Tab S8. I download a comic, place the device in airplane mode and get the same error you are getting.

The offline mode is broken and somehow we have no statement about this from DC developers.

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