Download bug with certain N52 titles

While reading the N52 Justice League run I ran across a bug with the issues that have a decimal in the number (23.1, 23.2, etc.). The same thing happened with the corresponding Justice League America issues. When I download any of these issues the ‘folder’ for the title still shows in downloads, but it’s empty of ALL contents, regardless how many issues are supposed to be in there. Navigating back to the individual title/issue and re-clicking the download link to delete the x.x issues fixes it and the rest of the downloads show back up. Further, while I was reading those issues (while on-line), the download folder showed as empty again, even though they weren’t specifically downloaded. That time I had to download and immediately delete to fix it. Using Android on a Samsung tablet if it makes any difference.

That’s really strange, I’m sorry you’re dealing with that @kenaran :frowning:

If you haven’t done so yet, do you mind submitting a ticket into our Support Center here and then letting us know the ticket #?

This looks like an issue only our tech team will be able to resolve - please let us know how it goes!

Thanks @LastSon0fMars
The ticket # is 724379. I wasn’t sure the procedure for bug reporting, being tied to specific issues it feels like a bug. It could just be a fouled up install too I suppose.

Thanks, and no worries at all, we moderators are always here to help wherever we can :slight_smile:

The support team is pretty busy dealing with a lot of Fortnite tickets currently, but they’ll get to you as soon as they possibly can!

Best wishes,