Doomsday Happy Early Halloween

I think Doomsday is not the scariest villain in the DC Universe ; although Doomsday is the equivalent of a million atom bombs in form of a living being! Doomsday is straight up death and destruction. Even Darksied didn’t want any part of the unkillable beast . Doomsday is not evil but is one track minded to destroy everything in his way. The only think I could equate in our reality, Doomsday is like a tornado or hurricane it’s just destruction plain and simple. So what are your thoughts on Doomsday the character not the year 2020 lol. Also, I really want to know what @HubCityQuestion thoughts are buddy and I hope you are doing well. Doomsday is Michael Myers And Jason Voorhees in one body. One quick separate thing I would like to say in my opinion I believe they shouldn’t have used Doomsday in Batman V Superman it was dumb plus a waste of opportunity. Definitely a waste of opportunity to do a live action version of Death of Superman!


If it makes you feel any better there was A Doomsday in Dawn of Justice but it wasn’t THE Doomsday.

The real Doomsday is part of kryptonian lore according to the in-universe documentary on the Man of Steel Blu-ray and the computer mentions Doomsday when Lex is lowering Zod’s body into the creation matrix in the movie. The Doomsday we got in that film is a hybrid of Lex and Zod.

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Perfect description, and good writers write him as such. Theres no witty banter or motivation. You don’t defeat Doomsday as much as you find a way to survive him.

You write Superman vs Doomsday as “What would it be like to physically be able to punch that natural disaster that ruined so many lives?”

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