Doomsday Clock

Hey guys! I just have a thought that it’s been in my head for a while and want to know opinions: Do you think that the Doomsday Clock series was overshadowed by other DC events and why? Let’s keep it objective and respectful. Thank you all!

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I think the opposite.

First it is a first class comic. I have enjoyed many issues.

The problem is that we are still many many months from completion of. This epic.

Only then can Justice Society and Legion of Super Heroes be published

I believe other writers at DC know what is coming, are excited about the coming.

There are too many stories current that feel like filler as the writers wait for the new status quo once this title ends

I dunno, this series has been exhausting. To be fair, it might have to do more with my expectations than the quality of the story itself.

I wanted to see what’s been hinted at since Rebirth: Doctor Manhattan’s reasoning for altering the DCU. While I’ve gotten morsels of that, it’s few and far between.

Instead I’ve read issues devoted to new characters like The Mime and Marionette, the new Rorschach, this Superman theory, etc. They’re not bad per say, but it’s not what I signed up for.

The delays have killed my enthusiasm, too. I should be used to it with Johns and Frank on a title, but for a story this big, it feels like the momentum is gone. To be fair, the delays mean no fill-in artists and the art will remain consistent, but damn!

Again, this is more about my expectations than the quality of the title. This is totally on me. I just feel like what I’m looking for isn’t gonna come until the last issue and when it does it’ll be underwhelming.

No overshadowing to me here. I’ll admit the wait for issue #9 did frustrate me but after reading it earlier today it was definitely worth the wait. I can’t even imagine how this book is going to wrap up but Johns is at the top of his game with his writing. That’s saying a lot considering the many great comics he has written. Same with Gary Frank on the pencils. Always loved his art and this book is him at his peak. Can’t forget Brad Anderson on the colors too! Absolutely gorgeous!

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Doomsday Clock had a slower than expected start (and I figured it would start slow) but it absolutely gets better with each issue.

Its akin to a stick of dynamite being lit and the spark edging ever closer to the eventual explosion.

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Loved issue #9. Hopefully the wait for #10 isn’t too long.

#10 is scheduled for release the same day as Detective #1000, March 27th. Darn good day =)

Assuming it stays on schedule

True, but that was the date on as of Wednesday night. Fingers crossed =)

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Did I actually see Alpha Centurion in what ships are such an obscure character was still

I think Rebirth has been a slow Crisis. Instead of a “Crisis” book, though, it’s been happening on the down low through books like Dark Metal, the Batman books, Doomsday Clock and Heroes in Crisis.

We’ve had:
Universe threatening, existential events: Dark Metal and Doomsday Clock;

An accumulation of mundane yet world threatening crises happening at once: The Superman Project conspiracy and the massacre in Russia, the move being made by the super villains at the end of Doomsday Clock 9.

Cosmic happenings and discoveries: The Dark Multiverse, The breaking of The Source Wall, the revelation that the Orrery is just one of many multiverses;

The Trinity is fraying: Batman is close to mental or emotional collapse, and isn’t trusted by Superman or Wonder Woman

The death of a speedster: Wally West in Heroes in Crisis