Doomsday Clock, the Metaverse and Hypercrisis

MAJOR spoilers for Doomsday Clock
So what does everybody think about what Doomsday Clock means for the overall DC Multiverse? Since Superman is essentially DC’s main character, every twist the universe has ever taken is an evolution of Superman. Without him, the JL and the Legion never exist. Try to edit him out of the equation and he comes back. He’s the positive karmic defender of the DCU and it’s incomplete without him in it. Pre-Crisis Earth is the base world that the Metaverse evolves off of and Manhattan discovers that by editing that, you change what happens elsewhere. Not sure what I’m trying to say with this thread, but discuss. I love when writers explore the DC cosmology.

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I figure I should also post this for anyone not up to date. Hypercrisis is essentially the underlying story behind the DCU and how it relates to everything in it and vice versa. Grant Morrison’s work is what it’s mostly overtly conorised of, along with Planetary and now, Doomsday Clock. Amd arguably, every story in existence.