Doomsday Clock Stopped?

When will the rest of Doomsday Clock drop? It’s been ages.

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They add the issues one year after they released. So the next issue should be added June 2 and the final issue won’t be added until December.


Tell me about it :pensive: I actually stopped reading because I’m getting to excited and can’t wait. I’ll reread it in December I guess

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Binge it all when it gets on here. I was more than annoyed with the delays, When the last issue came out, I had forgotten little details. It was a delight to go through and read as a complete volume.

Here’s another thread with some dates:

I have the actual books, would it be frowned upon if I uploaded the scans here and we had a read along?

That would violate
The agreement between
DC Comics and
Dc Universe
Whereby DC Universe
Must wait a year
Before receiving the Published Comics.

Don’t Do that.

The reason for the one year delay

Is that Local Comic Book stores
Buy the comics under a No Returns Policy

This allows the store up to a yrar to sell
Unsold comics books.

It also allows the digital.provider Comixology a year for those comics exclusive basis before their value turns to zero when the comic is put in the DC Universe Comics Library.

Without this wait
Both suppliers of comic books
Would have to go out of businesd
And DC Comics would have no place to sell their comics.


Oh my sweet summer child. Now you know how we were feeling when we were reading it as it came out!

Basically the reason why there’s such long gaps is because Doomsday Clock went through some pretty infamous delays. From what they said after it was all released, Geoff Johns and especially Gary Frank felt that if they were going to do a project like this, it had to be at the top of their game, their magnum opus, and wanted to put as much time and care into it as they could, but DC wanted them to release it earlier than they were comfortable with in terms of scheduling, and even warned shortly after the release of the first issue that they might move to releasing every two months instead of one. There were delays longer than that.


Thanks. You so smhart.

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