Doomsday Clock or Heroes in Crisis?

Which is better Doomsday clock or Heros in crisis

Neither of these are Young Animal books

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I mean I don’t know what your looking for as far as young animal (not a character I read) but you can’t go wrong with DDClock. that and the button are some of the best things to come out of rebirth

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Doomsday Clock by a country mile, IMO (and I say that as a Tom King fan)!

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Not sure why Young Animal is the subject, but Doomsday Clock easily

Edit: If it’s now between Doomsday Clock or Young Animal, still Doomsday Clock


My bad did not mean to say young animal


Doomsday Clock, but I love Young Animal. It reminds me of early Vertigo ( you’ll never be forgotten ).

Also nightwing or red hood

Both are bad. I’d say Heroes in Crisis is better. But avoid Doomsday Clock too. Just, forget DC comics from 2019, if we’re being honest.

What about DCeased? Or Curse of the White Knight, Lois Lane, Tales from the Dark Multiverse, Freedom Fighters, Hawkman, Mister Miracle, 'Tec #1000 or Harleen?


I liked Heroes in Crisis… If you are reading them with little backstory I feel like Heroes in Crisis is going to be the better story, purely because there is less backstory needed. If you are aware of most of what is happening in comics right now Doomsday Clock is a great story. It just gets confusing if you are reading with little backstory knowledge.

Both are great, in my opinion.

Okay. I was a little hyperbolic. You’re right. Those are good comics. Plus, Jimmy Olsen, American Carnage, Wonder Twins, Event Leviathan…


Doomsday Clock is good as far as an event book goes. Young Animal is an imprint, so we have lots of choices. I like the weirdness of YA, so I’m going with it. Plus, YA has a lot more content. Doom Patrol, baby!

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I like Doomsday clock and if you go to YouTube and search up comics explained Doomsday clock you can find the full story

Young Animal over everything. And HBO’s series is the only Watchmen sequel/prequel/spin-off that I acknowledge exists.

Honestly Hero’s in Crisis was better and just beautiful one of the best books made in the past 10 years in my opinion!

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Doomsday Clock easily!

As someone who is now a practicing therapist is NOT how you want to portray mental health or show how heroes are dealing with their mental health. It has good intentions behind it and Superman gives a good speech (if I remember correctly) but the overall story is not great. Longtime fan aside, everything that happens at Sanctuary is just not great at all

I can go on about my love for Doomsday Clock but to me it was easily one of the best books DC has put out in a long long time.

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Doomsday Clock was better.

I liked what King was trying to with Heroes in Crisis, but it just didn’t come together for me.