Doomsday Clock issue 8

OH MY GOD Doomsday Clock issue 8 is awesome, I just got finished reading it and it blow me away. Especially at the end of the comic. Doctor Manhattan is back and bigger than ever. This comic was mainly focused on Superman and Firestorm, Firestorm has a major problem going on with his powers, and has a mental breakdown and turns all the people around him into glass. And it’s like a rush of power. But then at the end of the Comic Batman tells Superman that’s, that’s not firestorm and he Destroys everything. But now the question is who was this person that destroyed everything around him. That looks like Firestorm but isn’t, this comic was amazing, had a lot of jumps reading it.


That was good. The series gets better with every issue.

I’m really enjoying Doomsday Clock so far. Granted, it was a slow start, but the art is stellar and it’s well written with good engaging character development for some of the more obscure characters, but it all came together nicely.
#8 is freaking nuts because it’s taking all of the subtle allusions to the Supermen Theory and the foreign affairs tension and bringing it back to the forefront of the story, but after having Dr. Manhattan announce his shit in #7, I’M SHOOK THAT SUPERMAN REALLY DID ALL THIS AND BATMAN WAS ALL “OOOOOH SHIT CLARK WATCH TF OUT” and then the, you know, the thing happens.
Shit’s nuts man, I told myself I’d buy the volume edition of doomsday clock but man IDK kinda just wanna get single issues idfk

It was a slow start but I kept sticking with it as I figured things would ratchet up and boy have they.

Doomsday clock has been great so far This issue really pulled no punches. Anxiously waiting for #9.