Doomsday Clock is good

I intended to wait until Doomsday Clock was completely on DCU before I started reading it, but I made the mistake of peeking.

It’s pretty damn good. The pacing is slightly too slow for my liking. But I can’t deny, I’m looking forward to the next issue.

It’s been a while since I was excited for a comic.


You gosh darn right its good! Some times I have to decide if I’m going to buy Cake or the newest issue and DDC, DCC always wins. Thank god it takes forever for them to release a new issue!:joy::joy:

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Too slow for you just think about me and everyone buying comics on a weekly basis I there are literally months between issues at times so I am like man I gotta go back and read the previous issues again as a refresher Everytime the next issues comes out

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That being said I love the book

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It was going to be a 12 issues released monthly I think we are on issues 10 and that was over a 1 1/2 ago. It is good but the irregularity of books released I forget what’s happening

Totally agree. I wasn’t sold on it at first, but once I got into, I was like… woah. love it.

The delays have been excruciating, but if that’s what it takes for the book to be of the highest quality it is, I’ll take it. As I recall, the original Watchmen was plagued with delays too, so I guess it only makes sense.

Geoff Johns is a busy guy between writings comics and working on TV shows as well as films

It’s just kind of boring and nothing happens. I’ve been keeping up with it and it just doesn’t go anywhere. I saw a lot of response to issue 10, but what actually HAPPENED in that issue? “Oh, the Metaverse!” Yeah, but that doesn’t matter. Anyone remember Hypertime?

The art is just perfect

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I was skeptical at first, but this series is REALLY good.

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Issues #1-9 were really good but #10 blew me away.

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I’ve only read what’s on DCU, so no spoilers :grin:

I agree with these sentiments. I was very nervous about reading this. Geoff Johns is a pretty decent writer, but I was very disappointed with what he did on Green Lantern. (I think that’s just a bias, because I’m an old school fan.)

But I’ve been surprised. The story (after five issues) is pretty good. And yes, the art’s good as well. But I’m not so impressed with art. There’s a ton of good artist in ther industry right now. Good writing’s a bit harder to come by.


I think there are a lot of FAMOUS good artists out there right now, but they are all focused on the biggest books that the Big Two have to offer. As somebody who reads a lot of indie books, I can tell you that while there are diamonds in the rough who deserve the keys to the kingdom as far as I’m concerned, there are so many (not just Image, Dynamite, etc.) books that have art STAGGERINGLY below professional level. It’s honestly my biggest problem with the industry right now. (That and Comics Gate, obviously.)

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I really like the series, but the “news cutouts” are too low-res gor me to read the print properly, and i really like the depth that those cutouts add to the story.
Is there a way to increase the resolution for the comics i read in the DCU app?

I also think it’s great. I only read the first issue, and kind of want to wait for the whole thing to be done and available on DCU before I read any more.