Doomsday Clock - Impact

I’m finally getting around to reading “Doomsday Clock”. Or, at least the issues I can find on this service. I have read the first 2 issues, and so far I’ll admit…so far, so good. Great atmosphere for back when they were on the Watchmen’s Earth, a similar but different enough atmosphere for the DC Earth. I’m interested in the new Watchmen characters, Mime and Marionette. While I do have questions, I’ll save most of them and just focus on one question for right now.

Due to the fact that the last issue is about to release, and that it has taken longer to publish than anticipated, I feel like I should ask. Will “Doomsday Clock” ultimately have any real long-lasting impact on the DC Universe once the last issue is released? I know it has been delayed multiple times, and while the original plan was to have the rest of the DC Universe caught up by the time “Doomsday Clock” was finished, that clearly doesn’t seem like the case.

So, with so many ongoing series moving on with their own stories, will the aftermath of this story force the rest of the DC Universe to finally address the fact that this story exists and is canon? Or once the last issue is released, will the ideas/themes/answers that “Doomsday Clock” reveals about the DC Universe be more relevant than the actual literal events that transpired?

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We can’t say for sure until the last issue is released, but given all the delays and the fact that the last issue will release more than 2 years after the first, I think it’s safe to say its impact on the larger universe has been greatly reduced. I’m hoping that maybe DC’s just been waiting until after the series finishes to reveal how it will impact them going forward, but I’d be surprised if it ends up being as impactful as something like Year of the Villain. That said, it’s still absolutely worth reading as an amazing story with beautiful artwork. I’ve personally stopped caring about its impact on the DCU and have just been loving every issue Johns and Frank have come out with for what it is


The delays have hurt this title, in my opinion, but I have been reading it since issue 1. It is a very deep layered tale but I believe it’s overall impact on the DC Universe has seriously decreased as time has gone on.

Whether that is due to company or creator direction remains to be seen.

As a casual comic book reader, I was never really interested in Doomsday Clock’s overall impact on the rest of the DC titles. I just wanted an amazing 12-issue follow-up to Watchmen while incorporating our favorite heroes, and we got it. It’s been an awesome ride but the delays have hurt the hype momentum.

Nevertheless, I can understand how comic fans would want it to spill over to the rest of the monthly titles.


I heard a rumor that the delays for Doomsday Clock were because they are referenced/used inThe HBO series. However, I have only watched the first episode and I don’t believe that to be true anymore. They are very very different. But I could see some characters that are introduced in Doomsday Clock appearing in the show

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