Doomsday Clock and Oz Effect arc reading order?

Trying to get caught up both those arcs and basically how Dr. Manhattan was part of the rebirth. What would be issues I need to read to get caught up? Right now all I’m seeing are Doomsday Clock and Action comics Oz Effect, so I’m hoping more material will be added as the full library gets updated.


Those are the only important ones. It’s alluded to in other titles, but only vaguely. Not worth hunting for.

I guess you could read DC Universe: Rebirth #1, Titans, and The Button.


is the whole thing involving Dr. Manhattan still being written, or I guess what’s the issue I should read when he’s finally revealed as the architect of Rebirth? I think I’ve read most of the titles you mentioned except Titans. This is one of those “white whales” that ever since I heard about Dr. Manhattan being behind things, I got crazy about finding out all I could about it lol

You’re set with:

-the DC Universe Rebirth one-shot
-the Oz Effect arc of Action Comics
-Doomsday Clock

You could read The Button crossover from the Rebirth Batman and Flash series, but it’s not essential IMO.

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Regarding Doomsday clock, that’s supposed to be 12 issues (just finished re-reading). The issue up on DCU is 1 of 12, right? Felt way to short to be all 12 issues in one…

Yeah, it’s a twelve issue series. #9 is the newest and #10 was reportedly pushed back again, sadly.


Ohh phew. Good to know I’m not missing anything yet. Although, what’s the new wait for the expanded library, after it’s a year old we get it online right? Guess I might need to go to my local comic store to catch up through #9 if I wanna scratch this itch :slight_smile:

Comic store or Comixology, sure. Either way, you should be able to get caught up easily.

@Doomsday787, def scratch that itch!
Agree with @ Hubcityquestion. Read rebirth #1 then The Button and then Doomsday Clock.
@Vroom yeah it got pushed back another month. I read some interview where Geoff John said it would be every 2 months now to give them enough time to give us the best story they can. At least that was the gist of it.

I am out of the loop on the Oz effect. shucks is that part of the story?

Delays do disappoint, but I’d rather the remaining issues of Doomsday Clock be done right and arrive later, than having them be rushed just to meet street dates.

The street dates evaporate over time, but quality storytelling…that endures.


Oh very nice. Well said I agree completely.

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The doomsday clock really delayed stories across the universe…

Are we on a once every 3 months schedule for Doomsday Clock now? Every time an issue comes out, I’ve forgotten what happened in all the issues before it. Also, Oz Effect barely has anything to do with Doomsday Clock, but Action and Superman have both been really good since the beginning of rebirth, so while you’re waiting for Doomsday Clock to finish, start with the Lois and Clark mini and read all of the Superman and Action Comics issues to follow. That way you have context I guess?

The Fall and Rise of Captain Atom and Titans Hunt also play with the Pre/Post Flashpoint continuity stuff. While you’re at it, read Flashpoint, and you’ll want to get context for Wally West’s return, so read every comic he’s ever appeared in. Also, Doctor Manhattan originally came from a comic called Watchmen, so read that. Then read Before Watchmen. It’s not amazing, but you’ll need something to read until Doomsday Clock concludes in 2021.