doomsday clock 7 spoilers

What was everyone’s thoughts on ddc7? I think I was the best issue so far and can’t wait for more exposition on doc manhattans motives and actions.

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It was fantastic! I have loved every issue so far, but I think you’re right in saying that this one is the best. And that last page!! Do you think Superman kills Manhattan?

Great issue, is it a bad thing if Veidt says he has a plan to save both worlds?

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it is a very bad thing that Veidt has a plan, look at what all his other plans resulted in.

And this was a great issue. Not sure it was ‘worth the wait’ since I kinda feel like other things have to wait until Doomsday Clock concludes before they can go forward but super glad to get it. Can’t help but wonder if Manhattan just moved the Lantern or if he had to do other things to mess with the timeline.