Doomsday Clock #2-9

Can you guys add the rest of the Doomsday Clock? I am really interested in that.

I suspect you’ll have to wait at least 6 months after the series ends. That may be a while. It’s really good and worth the price of admission. I’d recommend just picking up the single issues.


At a minimum, I can make the team aware of your interest in having such, @trichkovmartin.28876 - thank you for letting us know! Please don’t hesitate to also share if there are other titles you’d be interested in :slight_smile:


I would have to second the single issue purchase suggestion. Definitely worth the cost. I have had the series on my pull list since it started. I find myself rereading these often as there are tons of nods and references to DC history and lore.

Or, think about watching Comixology for a sale. Their digital books go on sale every so many months. Catch a DC sale and you can get them for $1 or so, depending on the sale.