Doomsday Clock #12 *Spoilers Inside*

What a book
This is Geoff Johns at his peak. Only he could take Watchmen and make a book that not only adds to that world and its characters, but also explain the entire DC timeline and metaverse.

Random Thoughts:

  1. Batman had a different costume. Kinda weird.
  2. I teared up when the Legion and JSA came back!
  3. Marvel/DC crossover in 2030? :joy:
  4. So happy the Kents are back!
  5. Loved Reggie and Manhattan’s endings
  6. First official mention of 5G… interesting
  7. Crisis in 2020 to feature the old gods
  8. Mime and Marrionete are still in the DCU?
  9. Jon’s kid is named Clark :sob:
  10. New 52 universe is still alive?! Apparently Rebirth isn’t the same universe. Maybe it branched away in Rebirth
    I’m still not sure how this book fits in with current continuity, but I loved it nonetheless. The DCU feels full again.

I’m thinking what it’s saying is Manhattan recreated the new 52 or (stupid collared universe) as a seperate space like he did when he brought back the rest of DC multiverse as earth 52 in his last big blue whoosh before he disappeared to make a baby Clark. Why does this kinda feal like a threat that didio could bring back new 52 at any time he wanted. :grimacing:

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10…It’s funny. All through the Five Years of New52 I always thought that It would one day be established that there was a flip side Where there would be another 52 Multiverse that would include our Pre-Flashpoint DCU. Now we have that and more.
An Earth where everything has only progressed as far as 1985?
So that means Jason is still Robin.
Barry and Iris are on a perpetual 2nd Honeymoon in the 30th Century
Hal is still out of the Green Lantern Corps and John Stewart is his replacement.
Clark Kent is a TV reporter for WGBS
what other stuff was going on prior to Crisis?


Please, dont even joke about The New 52 coming back :joy:

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That was something that Johns established in the Flash Rebirth miniseries in 2009. Barry’s accident was the formation of the speed Force and he generates it whenever he runs which pushes the Speed Force both backward and forward in time.


Yeah… As you might be able to tell from many of my posts, I’m a Wally West guy myself and I preferred to think of the Speed Force as being this energy field of perpetual motion that exists on it’s own.
The idea that Barry is the sole generator always felt to me like it was tptb were trying to promote Barry Allen as the Supreme Speedster in all of DC’s history and everyone that came before him and after him were all just fill-ins.


I’m pretty sure that’s accepted canon.

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Well I respect Barry. (Don’t forget, Wally is Barry’s biggest fan bar-none!) And I was happy that they brought Barry back. In fact I’ve said many times that Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn were laying down the foundations for Barry’s return even as they were building Wally up as good a Flash as Barry ever was.
I spent more time during the New52 era collecting Barry’s original run than I did reading the comics that were coming out Between Flashpoint and Rebirth. (I think I read them once when they came out and then filed them away as I hunted Pre-Crisis issues)


I think the multiverse happened on it’s own due to Krona’s screw ups. Barry’s accident just created the Speed Force. Although, now that there are multiple Barry’s across the multiverse Earth 0 Earth 1985 Earth 52 etc…I wonder which Barry created the Speed Force…

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I was sceptical when this series was announced, but dang was it good. I got super emotional when the JSA showed up.


This is why I read comics
I teared up more than once, JSA, Jon and Martha, Superman as the focus point of a continually rejuvenating multiverse and hope in it
Now I want to read 5G books set in 2026, and New 52 books, and Earth 1985
Long live the multiverse


I think after Rebirth the deck got re-shuffled so the multiverse that stood in the New52 and Multiversity are no longer set in stone as they were then.


So, like i am glad all the new 52 and rebirth stuff started to get cleaned up, this story is a good fix on cannon

But good LORD by Watchmen standards i threw up in my mouth a little bit. It’s was like Johns read The Moore stuff, and had this huge panic attack over the complicated narrative, so he spread a healthy dose of superfriends cheese all over my Watchmen.

" Thanks Superman and Batman, for our renewed sense of morality, sincerely-Rorsach and Dr. Manhattan"

I think i want to see the Seventh Calvary, attack “Clark manhattan” and steal his powers.

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Just read all 12 issues back to back! What a roller coaster. Thought it was going one way and turned a million different directions. I liked it. I mean I read 12 issues back to back something had to keep me engaged. The 12th issue OMG so good! I didn’t cry, but I felt a joy and a hope for DC that I haven’t felt in a long time. Seeing Obsidian and Jade! OMG, I felt like my DC Universe is slowly coming back.


I’m getting classic MOTU back under Kevin Smith.

If this issue was teasing a classic silver-age line with a living Kara that can continue where we left off I’m dead. I’ve used up two of my three wishes.

For any genie out there listening: “Third wish is classic Thundercats.”


Heres an interesting detail I noticed

Wally’s costume is now red and yellow again. Is this a coloring error or are we to expect a change in his costume following Flash Forward?

also it looks like Beth Chapel as been resurrected to join the JSA

but that raises two questions. What happened to Pieter Cross? and should Jesse Chambers be worried that Rick Tyler’s old girlfriend is back?

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3- so a crossover has been done before and not very well in my opinion. I feel like if they actually spent the time and built the story on both DC and Marvel’s sides to make it flow it could be epic. Also they did just have a Superman and wonder woman holding mjolnir in the new one shot they just did, breadcrumbs??? Hummm…Screenshot_20191219-150041


I hope Wally’s suit it just a coloring issue. I love his Rebirth suit!

I hate to be the outlier here, but I just didn’t like this series. So many cool and interesting ideas, but it never really came together for me. It doesn’t help that HBO just finished airing a perfect Watchmen sequel less than a week ago. Maybe if this one had kept its original schedule and finished long before the show started I could separate the two, but as it stands I can’t help but compare them and Doomsday Clock just comes up short. I am glad to see the JSA is back though.

Is that Yolanda Montez Wildcat? Also, are the JSA on the same earth as the Justice League again? I know they showed up recently in the Justice/Doom War but nobody recognized them