Doom, Under the Red Hood etc....

So, let me get this straight, the movies, (animated, live action etc…) are going to be treated like other streaming apps and have a time limit on them? Like Doom and Under the Red Hood? I just joined and won’t be able to watch these. I thought this was a DC universe where everything was acccesible not on an expiration date


Yeah, this service feels like kind of a rip off. Like, “Sign up for our service, but you won’t be able to watch a lot of our stuff because we also want you to buy the blu rays”

I signed up for Young Justice, but there is literally nothing else I want to watch I haven’t seen before. Very disappointed.


Unfortunately there are licensing agreements that exists, but you are not the only one to want some books/shows/movies back.


Yes there is a post about this every day lol. If that bugs you unsub, I seriously don’t believe there isn’t enough on this service to fill your time up until some other shows return …

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Hey @oneeyedjax, they were on here and yes they are rotating things but there is still a bunch of good stuff on here. have you check out titans? they have recently added a bunch of new comics and Reign of the Supermen will be here on the 29th. If there are any particular movies or thing that you would like to see that are not on here tell the Mods they listen and it seems that they genuinely care.

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Who do I need to talk to about this because I’ve seen everything on here and i am glad for all the new reading additions but where is Gotham, where is justice league. Where is everything that should be here

Tied up in liscening agreements, as has been stater EVERY TIME someone makes a post like this.


Wow what an original troll post