Doom Patrol's Joivan Wade Breaks Down Cyborg's Big Change (Spoilers!)

If you’ve been watching Doom Patrol on HBO Max, then you know that Cyborg has fought carnivorous butts, been transformed into a zombie, had a life-changing conversation with a plastic doll and encountered more than a few sex ghosts. And yet, the biggest surprise this season has been Victor Stone’s decision to become…normal. Cyborg recently made the decision to remake his body with synthetic skin, giving himself a more human appearance, but taking away his powers as Cyborg. So, where does the man end and the Cyborg begin? How does a powerless Victor Stone fit in with the Doom Patrol? We recently had a chance to chat with Joivan Wade, who gave some interesting insight on the latest chapter in Cyborg’s life while hyping us up for today’s Doom Patrol season three finale.

To read Joivan’s thoughts on the finale of Season 3 for Doom Patrol, head over to DC Comics!

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