Doom Patrol Writer Rachel Pollack in ICU

Rachel Pollack, one of the most influential writers of Doom Patrol, as well as the author of a run on New Gods, and Vertigo Visions: Tomahawk, is currently undergoing treatment for a serious illness.

Rachel is one of the founding foremothers of DC Pride as the creator of Coagula, the first- and, arguably, still the best- explicitly trans superhero for her Doom Patrol run. Her run is fondly remembered as being just as strange, defiant, and delightful as the Morrison work which preceded her own, and in this hour it falls on us to be the kind of heroes she created for us weirdos to see ourselves in. Please consider doing what you can, or passing this along. I know the DC Community has the heart to rally behind one of our own.


I’m so sorry to hear this! I hope she’ll be okay.


I hope she gets better


I do hope she gets better.

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Very sorry to hear this.
Hoping for the best :four_leaf_clover::+1:

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I wish her work was still in print


Thanks for the link @HubCityQuestion

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