Doom Patrol? Who else had to wipe tears?

I am pretty sure the show got my water works going. It was the perfect balance of Comedy and Tragedy…Who else got emotional?


Two twists did get me in the feels

No tears, but a few moments did get the lump in the throat going.

It reminded me just how good an actor Brendan Fraiser is.

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I wont lie I got the goosebumps.

@Truth_of_Pisces Dude, no doubt! It’s so awesome that he landed the role!


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It is great to see Brandon Frasier working, and on a quality show. Robot man is the heart of the show far. I am so happy and impressed with the quality of shows the DCU puts out( it’s the only way to survive.)

Everything with Robotman was gut wrenching and beautiful

Show is really entertaining. Done really well I think. I just can’t stand that they made my favorite character gay. Was Negative Man originally gay from the beginning his comic book lore? Not sure why it bugs me so much. I loved the way Batmwoman(Kate) was portrayed in the animated film “Batman Bad Blood”. One of my favorite parts was when Grayson admitted he used to have a crush on her, but that it took him a while to get used to the girl thing? The way they both shared that akward moment was just brilliant writing. And really helped endear the character to fans in my opinion. I guess I also loved the fact that I felt no hint of a Social Justice agenda, just an individual (all be it an animated character)living, struggling, and dealing with who she is. This is one of the reasons I loved Ezera Miller’s Patrick character in “The Perks of Being a Wall Flower” (and yet I completely hate him as the flash). Don’t know why it bugs me with Negative Man. Maybe because after the Doom Patrol centric Titan’s Episode I thought of Larry as more of a man’s man or something? I did like the way he was portrayed better in the Titan’s episode. And I do know one thing, I can do without seeing to grown men kissing on screen. Don’t get me wrong. I have friends and family who are gay and I could care less. In fact, Patrick and Sam (from “Perks of a Wall Flower”) are mirror images of two cousins that I grew up with. But I guess you could say I’m more the Logan Lerman character (Charlie) when Patrick kisses him out of the blue. It’s not who he is, but Charlie holds no judgement. Patrick is still Patrick. And his close friend. So why do I hate that they made Negative Man Gay? Ehh…I’m not exactly sure. I’m still gonna watch the show, and Negative is still my favorite…though Robot Man is really cool to. Now I understand it’s the beginning of the show, yet I hope they make Larry more Happy Go Lucky like he was in the Titan’s episode. But I would like to know…was Negative Man originally gay from the beginning of his comic book lore or was the character changed at some point? Does anyone know?

Quick comment. I wasn’t trying to be funny when I said “A Man’s Man”. Though the wording is kind of ironic when I re-read it. I meant it as a Man that other men would like to be like. In the way a lot of Men would like to be like Sean Connery (when he was James Bond), or the way some men would love to be cool like Steve McQueen or Clint Eastwood. “Go Ahead…Make My Day”. I know that you all know what I mean : )

This was really good. Very well put together, and top notch acting. Waaaaaayyyyyy better than that heaping pile of shit, Titans.

I don’t think there was an emotion I didn’t feel. I never knew the negative man was gay. Apparently this bothers people. NOT ME. The cast is FANTASTIC can’t wait to see the next episode. I have read many years (in paper form) of this comic and am flipping through this 1987 issues on here WHICH IS ALSO FANTASTIC because who can afford to own millions of comic not me but I can get over the FX work so exciting to see Rita expand into giant blob and roll out the windows of the diner negative man saves the lady next to the car from getting electrocuted from the transformer that fell on car HERO all the way before and after he became negative man.


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