Doom Patrol: What's your favorite Crazy Jane personality and why?

As Doom Patrol continues, we meet more and more of Jane’s 64 personalities and continue to see already introduced personalities. Because none of my friends or family watch Doom Patrol, I have no one to discuss the show with in person, so I figured I’d ask the DC Universe community a simple question: which Crazy Jane personality is your favorite and why? If you don’t know the name of the personality, just say what their ability is and if I know the name, I will tell you it or someone else who knows will tell you.
My personal favorite is Silver Tongue because her ability is to turn her words into deadly silver projectiles or blades which is a pretty cool ability in my opinion since it’s something I’ve never seen before.



I like how mean she is.

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I can’t remember her name “Dr. Pretty Eyes.” Her intelligence and ability to smoothly manipulate any person or situation makes her very appealing to me.


Silvertongue. Her power is just so cool and unique


I loved Silver Tongue’s handling of Von Fuchs. Auf wiedersehen, mister falcon! SHE’S COOL.

Baby Doll because she’s adorable and likes kitties!

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I’m hoping to see Driver 8 next episode.
I love that Morrison cribbed the name of the character from an R.E.M. song.

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I’m wondering why Jane as Dr. Harrison didn’t use her power to get the doctor to fall into her spell instead of trying to have him jam that pen into his eye? She was still strapped down so that wouldn’t have gotten her out of the hospital and just made things worse for her. Also, what is Baby Doll’s power? Or Penny Farthing’s? They both didn’t seem to have any special abilities, just odd personalities. The one I think is most useful is Flit cause she can teleport anywhere although Katie is pretty bad ass (if I’m remembering her as the giant fire mama).

theres to many good ones 3 of them i love

1 silver tongue

saying words and they turn into swords and knives is epic especially the nazi fucks part i watched it 5 times i get chills from it

2 hammerhead

how she throws robot man around makes me laugh
and her attatude

but i like all the sides of jane without her there wouldn’t be any personas