Doom Patrol Villain Suggestions Season Four

There are villains and there are villains, and we all know DC has many great ones. But which ones would you like to see the Doom Patrol face on the TV show in the future? Here are my suggestions about whom I think would be great on the show:

  1. Mr. Mxyzptlik. (some serious Mr. Nobody vibes there)

  2. Giganta. (need I say more?)

  3. Lex Luthor (with Jon Cryer in the role, it could be a Two and a Half Men mini-reunion)

  4. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. (with Kaley Cuoco and Lake Bell in the parts)

  5. Darkseid.

  6. The entire Legion of Doom.

  7. The Royal Flush Gang. (One of the most visually stunning villain teams ever, they NEED a live action debut)

  8. The Joker. (played by Alan Tudyk)

  9. Livewire.

  10. The Hive.


Not to discredit them possibly showing up in Doom Patrol in general, but they’ve actually had a few live action appearances already. We’ve mainly gotten 2 different versions of them in the Arrowverse, and 1 of the gang’s members, Sam Kurtis, showed up on Stargirl as Courtney’s father


Ambush Bug


General Immortus, The Scissormen, Doctor Tyme.


I am 100% serious when I say this: the actual writer Grant Morrison, playing themself.


He’d be a great Luthor, wouldn’t he?

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I hadn’t been too familiar with Ambush Bug until I read a story featuring him, and yes, not only would he fit in with the spirit of the show, but his episode would be EPIC!

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The baldness is definitely a good start. Also, Morrison uses they/them pronouns


Sorry, it was Booster Gold I was thinking of. But hey, maybe both of them would be great.

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