Doom Patrol: Season One To Hit Blu-Ray October 1st!

You read that right- Doom Patrol will be hitting the shelves October 1st, complete with deleted scenes, and a gag reel.

Are you the type of fan that just has to have the physical version? What kind of special features do you hope to see? Let us know in the comments below!


I am the type of fan that will buy the physical copy of this very exceptional show.


Day 1 purchase for me. The makers of the show deserve every penny.


I will definitely be buying it. Just for posterity.

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I’ll stick to the 4K version that’s already here.

But, I’ll buy something from the DCU shop that day instead. Cool? Cool.


Commentary!!! And the gag reel.

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Any chance for a 4k Steelbook Edition?


/throws money

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Pop-up trivia option
A documentary on the history of the comic
Interviews with comic writers. Maybe cast and crew.
A ride at the Warner Brothers’ theme park in Abu Dhabi.
Our heroes in make up 20 years later doing an interview about their exploits (Spinal Tap)


Lots of commentary from cast and crew.

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I’ll buy it. I usually don’t go for the physical copy anymore (I have too much clutter already) but I like to support what I like. Also: special features woo!

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A feature about the costume design would be great, too.

definitely, please save me a copy; print comics and blu-rays are my toast and jam

crossing fingers for a cast and writers commentary track

So I’m guessing that a Blu-ray exists for Titans?

@mr_jones1980 Titans Season One will debut on Blu-ray on July 16th.