Doom Patrol Season 4 Discussion (Warning: Here There Be Spoilers)

My theory? They are going to create a pre-destination paradox somehow


I think you may be right! Anyway, I enjoyed Rouge and Isabel bonding, even if it went sideways for Rouge…


The team better not die!! They’ve been through hell and back and they deserve happiness!!! I’m so glad Vic is back to being Cyborg, I never liked that he lost his tech, in fact I was kind of getting bored with him.


I really hope they don’t die either!



The penultimate

The team reflects through time.

Vic connects with the future in hope to save it. Definitely think that girl was his daughter or ward or something :thinking:.

Rougue confronts the past. See who she was and beats herself up. Crazy.

Larry gets to chat with the old spirit and plan with Keeg. Now he has to overcome that fear.

Cliff confronts the Chief and through some fun and danger he finds out he paralyzed the chief. In the end they all’ve done messed up stuff but doesn’t mean he can’t do good.

Jane gets the chat with Chief she wanted. And confronts her trauma to becoming kaleidoscope. Now no more underground they can all experience it. Very nice scene there.

Cool to see Chief again and get some time in the final season.

Now they’re off to the end.

Will they save the town and Rita? Will they save live or die? How will this all end? All this and more on the epic series finale Same Doomed Time Same Doomed Channel


Well…I predicted this episode would have some kind of pre-destination paradox. And definitely got that with Cliff’s time travel adventure


The penultimate Doom Patrol episode was something else.

Rouge confronting herself. Larry having a talk with the original Negative Spirit. Jane facing up to her trauma. And in the end they’re off to save Rita and the world. I am both looking forward and dreading the next episode. I am looking forward to it as I know it will be great. I am dreading it because it will be the very last episode.


This episode was a good set-up for next week’s series finale and that makes me so sad!!! Jane is now the Kaleidoscope, so strange but evidently from the comics so very cool.

It was nice to see Timothy Dalton on this show before the end of the series, same with the Negative Spirit! Obviously always awesome to see Mark A. Sheppard!


The final episode of this series was beyond depressing, killing both Rita and Cliff off while also disbanding the team?!!! What the hell?!!! But it didn’t ruin the series for me, I still love what we got from this show, insanity while also keeping the heart of the characters.


Think you might have forgotten to blur some stuff buddy. :sweat_smile:

I know, it is a spoiler thread. Luckily I saw the finale myself. Still processing it, but the final scene focusing in Cliff did get me teary eyed :cry:


You’re not crying; I’m crying.

Through 4 seasons (one badly truncated), this show has been bizarre, hilarious, weird, surreal, wtf outrageous, and sometimes deeply touching. I came to care about this odd band of misfit (anti)heroic screw-ups.

And if I said the final episode didn’t bring a tear to my eye and a lump to my throat, I would be lying.


I loved the final episode, although it brought tears. I loved that Larry and Rita got one last scene together, as well as Cliff and Jane. And I loved Rouge going after the Ant Farm.

Anyway, I am really going to miss this show.



The end.

Our heroes save the day in one last battle with the power of butts and song :laughing:.

Then a one last dinner. Knew Rita was going off to die. She knew it. And then the scene with Rita and Larry. Very sweet. Then the funeral. The very sweet and goofy just like they are. Even upset she loved her family. Funny with the song I recently watched The Batman again so that got me :laughing:.

Then the movie and the goodbye between Jane and Cliff. Nice talk with Cy and Rougue.

Then there ends. Rougue takes down the ant farm great. Larry 104 and Keeg become a sun happy together. Cy teaching the future and heroing his way. Jane and Casey in a great space adventure together and Jane painting her and Cliff. And Lotion pops up too. Rita reunites with her live in the afterlife. And Cliff got to go home see his grandson grow like wanted and life repeats itself but he got see it and finally be home. Started with Cliff and ended with him :cry:.

Overall and great season. Scattered a bit and WB not caring so much about it but they still pushed through and made a great season. Full of fun laughs and giving a great ending only the DP could.

The series was amazing. When first announced back on ol DC Universe I was looking for to it but didn’t think I’d be really into it but ended up being one of my favorite DC shows ever. The cast crew. The stories willing to be as crazy and fun as they want while telling deep personal stories. The team growing as a family. The many new characters I got introduced too. Always sad to see them go but it was great they could go out their way. Definitely will miss this show.


The finale caused some weird saline secretions to build up behind my eyes? It was very strange, and it seemed to be accompanied by a sense of wistfulness. :person_shrugging:t2:

Anyway, great finale, great series. Season 2 lagged a little but 1, 3 & 4 were all excellent.


I hated Season 3 because of what they did to Rita, turning her into a villain for most of the season.


That’s not how I interpreted that story arc


I was disappointed that, at the end, Rita decided to disband the team. In other words, she gave up. Which was surprising since, at the end of season three, she was gung ho about heading up a superhero team in the first place. A true superhero does not give up, they keep plugging away until they succeed. Who would want to see Superman or Wonder Woman just give up? I don’t!

I know this isn’t a typical superhero series, but there could have been a nice mix of characterization and typical superhero action, especially on the part of Rita since she had such cool super powers. I don’t know about all of you, but if I had her powers, I’d use them every day. Now it seems the people behind the series have given up any hope we could see these actors return to these roles they were so perfectly cast in.


I didn’t view this as a superhero show. This was a comic book show, yes, but it was focused on a group of people trying to deal with their trauma and trying to become better people, with all the struggle and setbacks that kind of slow character growth brings.

As for Rita, I don’t see it as her or the team giving up. Her explanation as to why they need to disband is pretty logical when you break it down. All the threats they faced were created/caused by them in the first place and they all depended on each and unknowingly turned the team into a sort of emotional crutch. It reminds me of the phrase “if you love something, you have to let them go”. And disbanding was the only thing they could do at that point to truly push each other to grow and find the peace they are looking for.