Doom Patrol S2, E4 Reaction Thread - 🚨 WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD 🚨

This episode gave us plenty of our favorite Dannyzens, including Flex Mentallo and Maura Lee Corrupt! And, boy, can they throw a party!

Speaking of parties, Dorothy got to finally attend her very first Danny the Street party after spending years just listening to them in her room under Danny.

Niles & Dorothy continue to argue about her doing “adult” things – they eventually sing “Pure Imagination” together – opening up the doors to a cabaret club in the Doom Manor, which turns out to be Danny’s heart.

The SeX-Men arrive to save the party from a paranormal sexual event. It seems that because of the party, a Sex Demon, with a periscope on his head, has entered Doom Manor and is lurking.

There’s nothing like a Danny the Street party!

If you haven’t watched episode 4 yet, make sure you do then come back here and let us know what you thought!


This was a good episode. Getting to see Flex and Maura Lee Karupt again was awesome. I wish we got to see more of Larry and Cyborg interacting with Maura Lee and Danny. I do like Dorothy, but her story and character development takes up a lot of screen time that cuts into the other characters’ time. The screen time felt much more evenly spread out in the first three episodes.

The Sex Men were funny and I swear their pr0n music theme had a bit of the animated X-Men theme in it, but ultimately they didn’t really add much to the episode. They could have been cut from it, with that time being devoted to something else.


It’s sort of weird that I get to watch the newest episode of a DCU original on HBOMax Before it is available on the DCU streaming service. Isn’t it?
I am thrilled to get to watch it in a timeframe that works better for me & thankful I am able to afford both services in my life right now.
I am also sad for users that can’t afford that luxury currently.
Petty? Maybe.
Gotta go watch this on HBOMax - then hopefully stay up late enough to catch a WAL (tonight or tomorrow - I gotta check still)
BTW. I do think cross offering across platforms is genius. Good work WarnerMedia! I keep dreaming of getting back to LA & taking my spouse on the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. It’s so cool! Keep up the Super work!


Bah hahahahaha! Nevermind, I just saw DP is a Max Original, not a DCU original now. A HA HA HA! Guess we should be thankful it is still on DCU for now :joy:


Oh Wow! So good! Ready for the next one. It always gets better & better! So good!

Loved It! Want more of It!

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Another crazy episode. Agree with Robotman when he said the Rita almost destroyed the world by her g spot. :grinning: Glad Jane is back in control for now and wonder what Danny will become next time we see him. Looking forward to seeing what happens next week.


Wtf Did I Just Watch? :joy:

That Episode Was Out Of This World! Rita Was Making So Much Progress :cry: She Doesn’t Want To Deal With Her Mommy Issues & Is Projecting Onto Poor Dorothy!

Cliff On Ecstasy :joy: I Danced With A Sex Demon! Love The SeX-Men!!!


I think Hammerhead is the episode all-star. Shoving the baby back in. Letting Jane out to deal with hugs.

I’m mad at Vic for not telling Dorothy hi when he came back.

And what an unexpected twist for Larry! Whining and being useless! Wow!


Ok, so that happened


I decided to read Gerard Way’s run after last week’s premiere. Now this episode has me wondering if we’re going to start seeing some elements from that in the show.


Did anyone else notice the age issue with Dorothy and the Cheif? In the other episode chief saud he’s 139 and Dorothy said she’s 100 and 3 quaters which is 175. So how did he make a child who is older than he is?


Unless she means 100 and three quarter years, so 100.75. The joke being that even though she’s that old she’s still a kid, counting half and quarter birthdays.


I didn’t think of it like that


Noticeable differences in in adapting the SeX-Men from the comics. But much like Beard Hunter last season, really enjoyed seeing how they incorporated them into the aesthetic of the show, in this case a Ghostbusters parody :ghost: :no_entry_sign:


Yeah does kinda suck it’s not aired at the same time on both services but glad we’re still getting it on DC Universe. But to your point about Doom Patrol being a ‘Max Original’ and not a ‘DCU Orginal’ Netflix does the same thing with Titans when they call it a ‘Netflix Original’ (also other series that aren’t originally theirs). DC Universe posters still label Doom Patrol as a DCU original. Guess it’s more appropriate to call Doom Patrol a Max/DC Universe Exclusive. Maybe it’s my bias but as long as we still get it here it’s still an original from DC Universe since it’s where it started.


Even with a title like ‘Sex Patrol’ I couldn’t have imagined how wild this episode would get.
Sex Demons and Sex-Men :joy:

Glad to see Flex back!! He’s one of the most likable characters on the series and him helping Dorothy feel better was adorable along with her routine (The Willy Wonka music too, Perfect!!).
The circumstances of Rita trying to get help from Flex was funny too.

Between the crazy stuff happening they kept the core of the show with these characters dealing with their own issues. Between Cliff, Larry and now Rita they keep expanding on their past in engaging ways. Now i’m curious if we’ll see more things involving Jane’s past as well.

Favorite line: “Think of Potatoes!!”
Another great episode and one of if not the craziest episode in t.v. :smiling_imp: :+1: :+1:


Crazy episode. The Willy Wonka cameo was funny but a perfect song for Danny the Street. I am also enjoying how almost everyone (even Danny) isn’t dealing with Niles anymore. They’re telling him what they really think and not just blindly following.

I gasped so loud at Rita telling Dorthy that she “has other talents” that my roommate asked if I was alright. I’m just loving the development of Dorthy and I’m nervous to see where she goes from here.


No, one hundred and three quarters of a year. It’s a joke because even though she’s over a century old she still counts years in halves and quarters like a child. So she’s almost 101.


It feels like a missed opportunity that they never used the word sexorcism (like exorcism, in case pronunciation is unclear written out)