Doom Patrol S2, E2 Reaction Thread - 🚨 WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD 🚨

Episode 2 kept the weirdness going! We got to see the circus incident with Dorothy in 1927 through Niles’ eyes. We find out exactly why he experimented on our other unlikely superheroes as well as what the necklace did for him.

We see Vic meet a new friend in trauma therapy, find out about Dr. Tyme and his rare mineral, continuum, and realize that Jane is struggling severely with her other personalities.

But we need to talk about Larry and the field of butterflies. What is this and why?

If you haven’t watched episode 2 yet, make sure you do then come back here and let us know what you thought!


Looks like we finally discover Mister Nobody’s payment for von Fuchs that the Chief from last season. Completely forgot about that until this episode!


Seriously what is up with the butterflies? Are we looking at Rebis ? They showed up around the same time as Dorothy did.

Also , after 50 years of comics reading , I stopped being a purist . I do like the direction the plot has deviated from the source material. I saw the SEX MEN in the promos - does this mean we’ll see John Dandy and the NOWHERE MEN too ?

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“I’m sorry I made fun of your drawing.”



I felt bad for all those people stuck with Dr. Tyme.
Also Dorothy is amazing!



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Also , seriously DR TYME ?

What other show would put that on camera with no shame and admit in the narrative that it was ridiculous?

I guess the same show with man eating butts .


Another awesome episode.

The opening was great to see the Chief there. Made sense for when the Wolf beast stopped. Candlemaker looks awesome™️ very brutal. But nice to see good old any unbricked as Danny the alleyway in the flashback.

Cyborgs adventure very nice. Seeing him try to deal with the trauma meet someone and and learn a lesson or too.

Dorthy and her friend seem interesting. Hershall sounds great with a great joke. And learning to cook with Rita was nice.

Learning more Chief’s past was nice.
Jane and more personality conflicts.
Her past with Meranda seems interesting. Looking forward to learn more. Cliff with his dad shows were he got it from.

Dr. Thyme was great. Some roller skating 70s or was it 80s friends. His head as the clock with time brain was great. Everyone fig he fighting for it. Rita feeling bad Jane still out of it and Cliff getting angry.

Larry’s adventure was nice. He met his kid but still couldn’t do it after seeing it all. But those butterflies. He about to get Jacked up.

I thought it was a great episode. I liked seeing Larry’s story with his son. When he read the letter, it was heartbreaking.

Dr. Tyme and the disco roller skating theme was brilliant. I liked the continued growth of Rita as well.

I like how Cliff speaks as the voice of people watching the show. He just seems to say what I’m thinking (granted… it much angrier than I am) with what’s going on.


Cliff after saying he was not going to be like his father wound up just like him with him cheating on his wife. Liked how the picture of Dr. Tyme by Rita looked exactly like what he looked like in real life and Cliff’s reaction to it. Pleased we got to see Larry try to make some amends with his son. So glad we didn’t have to wait a whole week to see what happened to Larry at the end of the episode.

As much as I am trying to space out my viewing so I don’t have to wait very long for episode four, I’m probably going to watch episode three tomorrow because I don’t want to wait to see what happens.

With the new season Doom Patrol has reasserted itself as my favorite DC universe original show. As the one I knew the least about excluding Stargirl who I also knew nothing about, I had no idea what to expect from the show or year ago. It’s a combination of all things involved: from the beginning credits to the end credits and theme music, The acting and the stories they are telling, to the sheer amount of depth they are giving every character. This is why HBO had to have this show too. The world is binge watching season one, and when they pick their jaw up from the floor and begin season two they’ll watch it fall again. This show should be winning awards, and when the world catches up with the rest of us and says how great this is we will be here telling them “I knew that a year ago, where were you?”


If that Tyme helmet goes up for auction please let me know.


Who else would they call the doctor? Who?

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I think Tyme lied to Rita about her future, or she changes it. She already changed the course of time when she moved the hands back. He said she wouldn’t matter, but she mattered to him when she saved him.

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Couldn’t resist!



Rita & Her Team Briefing :joy: I Love How Rita Is Finally Asserting Herself More! I Like How Everyone Seems To Have Forgiven Niles Except Cliff. I Totally Agree With Every Word Cliff Says, He Has A Right To Be Pissed Off.

Dr. Tyme :rofl::rofl::rofl: Disco Era Was The Peak Of Humanity! Also Love How Cliff & Jane Are Like Besties Kind Of lol

Vic & His New Friend :heart:

Oh Larry :cry: His Story Gets To Me Every Single Time! He Deserves A Happy Ending & I Really Hope He Decides To Spend Time With His Family.

Is It Bad That I Really Want To See Dorothy Let Her Friends Loose?

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Yes , we now know that Rita can do calligraphy, but can only draw stick figures .

Gotta say though, this Rita is so much better than the Rita in the books . That includes the Milk Wars .

This is one of the best shows out on any platform. I laugh, I’m surprised, and I feel for them with each episode. Brilliant.

Jane: I can’t use my powers.
Cliff: That’s why we don’t do drugs!

Don’t feel too bad, they looked like they were having a blast.