Doom Patrol reading question

I’m sorry if this has been asked before, but I was looking at Doom Patrol comics and found that Book One starts on issue #19. I know that that’s when Grant Morrison’s run starts, but I’m just wondering if issues 1-18 are even important to read as a first time Doom Patrol reader. Thanks in advance!

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Not really. They’re ok but pretty standard superheroics.

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Imo, they’re worth reading but not critical. They are all available to read with Comixology Unlimited if you’re part of that.

They’re also on here as are most (if not all) of the silver age issues

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Yes, they are worth reading, and please do yourself a favor and read the Silver Age Doom Patrol books. They’re whacky and fun and true Silver Age classics.


Yep, they sure are. I must have overlooked them when I started reading that run.

Honestly, they aren’t really important for Morrison’s run.