doom patrol rate

Who else is enjoying doom patrol?
I am only upset that I have to wait for the next episode lol
Best DC live action show


It’s really good especially the 2nd episode


Must see TV for me too.


I’d never leave the house if we could binge it, so I really don’t mind the one episode a week schedule.

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Doom Patrol 10/10 Titans 9.0 10 Young Justice Season 03 8.0

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Doom Patrol: 7/10
(Only for the 4th wall breaking announcer.)

Titans: 1/10
(Too dark, too jarring, not funny, not comic accurate.)

Young Justice: 9/10
(Amazing, would be 10/10, but the ending of pt. 1 was rushed. Also I hated the ham fisted forcing of Doom Patrol in episode 13.)

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I’ll rate after season 1 ends so it can be fair as a whole


It is outstanding. My wife and I are going to do what we did with Titans. We watched the first episode to see if we would enjoy the show. We did, so now we will wait for all of them and binge watch the lot.

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Doom Patrol

Episode 1. 10/10
This pilot was a trailblazer in the superhero TV show arena.

Episode 2. 8/10
More of the same with the exception of a real superhero. Loved the scene’s with the Jackass.

Doom Patrol > X-men


Henry, the Titans being funny wouldn’t be comic accurate at all.

Really Really Really… Fanboy!

Both are similar in some aspects but very different in many

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I love it!! My new favorite DC show!!!

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DP just keeps getting more and more awesome!
Come share your thoughts on the official DP E:2 thread. :smile:
We will have official threads set up each week for us all to chat it up together!



Depends largely on what version of the Titans. Though my comment is largely to say that the show ISN’T comic accurate (one look at any of the characters shows that, from appearance to background). The show also isn’t funny, the success of the other version of the Titans (the old TT cartoon) was its inclusion of mild to high levels of inserted comedy (the show was serious when it needed to be, but had periods of levity to break the tension) which Titans did not have. Also, Teen Titans/Titans, the comics were NOT hyper grim dark, they had humor.

Even the back door pilots of “Doom Patrol” and “Hawk and Dove” series - Which added little to the overall narrative and took up two episodes of an already short season were mega dark and gritty, not at all matching the tone of Doom Patrol.

Doom Patrol is FAR superior in terms of balance and pacing.

By the second episode we have character origins done. Titans was one long, slow paced, protracted origin story.

Doom Patrol did 5 characters in 2 episodes. Seriously. Titans took most of its run.

In 2 episodes of Doom Patrol we have the following:

  • An interesting and charismatic villain with an at least mostly explained backstory in “Nobody.”

  • Cliff, Robotman, we have a backstory followed by a reveal, inner conflict, and it has displayed both a heroic and sensitive side. In 2 episodes we see a relationship clearly forming between Crazy Jane and him.

  • Rita, Elasti-Girl, we have her full backstory and hints (that are pretty much fully explained: she lost a child either by abortion or actual murder) about her tragic past. We also see her reject and then accept her heroic call to action.

  • Negative Man, we have his backstory, his tragic past, his rejection and acceptance of his heroic role. He also has clear personality traits and by the end of episode 2 he’s accepting his powers.

  • Crazy Jane, we have hints at her backstory, good explanation of her powers, and a growing relationship between her and Robotman.

  • Cyborg, he’s established with his powers and backstory in one episode. He’s heroic and we find out he’s an active hero.

  • We see a major threat event that the characters resolved (saving a town) and a clear direct plot (stopping Nobody and rescuing the Chief).

That is more character development than the entire first season of Titans. On top of that, the show balances the seriousness and the humor well. The narrator is entertaining. The characters have moments of humor (Negative Man trying to get on the bus was hilarious, as were the town shenanigans) that add to the story and break the tension.

Doom Patrol is simply the superior show.


I agree that Titans is dark and gritty, and they paced out the story seemingly slowly, but with a fair amount of depth. I think they needed at least two more episodes to finish that first season, to round things up a bit more. A different style of storytelling, not an inferior style of story telling.

Yes, I agree, Titans, season 1, could have been better, not so dark and gritty, and maybe a bit more humor. And yes, there was some humor in there, but it was subtle and sarcastic, a type of humor I understand well.

They are two completely different types of stories. I am not so much into dark and gritty, but I like the style of story the Titans have over the style of Doom Patrol, by far. It is a matter of preference though. Not of one style being better or worse than the other.

Overall, I would rate Titans at about 4 out of 5 stars. I loved that action, although the brutality was rather over much at times. Robin/Nightwing is still trying to overcome that, but has not figured out how to do so yet. I suspect that he gets more control of himself as the series progresses.

I will hold off on rating Doom Patrol until the season is finished. It is not fare to judge a whole season on two episodes. I somewhat liked episode 1, but was not so fond of episode 2, but neither are enough, by themselves, to tell me how this show is going to shape up by the end of the season. Yes, I can see that overall, it is likely to be, at best, to me, a 3 star show for me, and at worst, about 2 stars. But there could still be some very good episodes ahead that even I will like. For all I know, it will end up a 4 star show. Just too soon to say.

Even the best shows, of those I like and watch, have episodes that I do not care for as much as other episodes. Sometimes an episode will come across as sloppy, incomplete, or not well considered, but the series as a whole is still great.


I should add, that of the Doom Patrol characters, the one I like best, so far, is Robotman.

It would be very hard to convey feelings, non-verbally, if you were just a brain stuck in robot shell, but non-the-less, Robotman conveys his feelings well. Or I am good at doing the feeling those emotions for him, anyway. I can sympathize and relate to some extent, with Robotman more than the rest of the characters.

I can relate to having a complex personality as well, like Crazy Jane, but nowhere near that complexity of a split personality. I have a divided mind, but not a split personality, but the difference may seem small. However I have two halves that think somewhat different from each other, not 2, or 64, entirely different personalities. To me, that would be pure chaos. I would hate having to live that way, but like Robotman, I would try to understand and be a calming influence, if I could.

It is not the characters of the show that I have a problem with. It is the kind of story being told, one that would be best described as an acid trip, whether you think it is a good trip, or a bad trip, is up to you. I was never fond of these kinds of stories. I like solid grounded in reality stories, preferably in a linear direction, rather than using too many flashbacks to fill in the story as you go. Some flashbacks are okay though.

It has been a very long time since I read a Doom Patrol comic, and I remember liking at least some of those stories. This will probably be true of this season of Doom Patrol as well, where I probably will like some of the upcoming episodes.


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