Doom Patrol Questions!

So First of all, I absolutely loved the first Episode of the Doom Patrol!

But, I am curious. (Yes I could easily go back and look) But on the Titans Episode with the DP. Was that a different actor playing Chief? And wasn’t he walking instead of being in a wheelchair?

Also I am curious too how this fits into the Titans Timeline!

DCUniverse best TV there is.

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It was a different guy in the Titans episode of Doom Partol S1 E4…but it seems they replaced that guy with someone even better in the show. The guy they replaced him with is Timothy Dalton. He was a Bond in the late 80’s call Living Daylight and License to kill…

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Lol they pulled a Wayne’s World…DC was like " Ahhh can we get a better guy to Play the Chief… I mean it’s not a big roll bit can’t we get someone better?"… So they pulled him out and braught Timothy Dalton in


He can’t walk anymore after what Raven did to him. Iirc, Rita mentions so as they bid Gar farewell.

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It’s a different actor alright.
I wasn’t a huge fan of the chief in the Titans episode, personally. Although they had already announced the casting decision for the series by the time I got around to seeing the Titans episode.
Im sure whomever that was who played the chief in Titans is a decent actor in other roles he’s played, maybe? But let’s face it, hes no Timothy Dalton, who is an amazing actor.
So maybe my view is influenced by the fact that I knew that the character would end up being different. Which led me to really not allow myself to get attached to that portrayal of the chief.

I believe the Chief is in his wheelchair due to an injury. In that Titans episode they’re talking about how the Chief “just learned to walk again” before Raven even meets him. At the end of the episode they tell her the Chief broke his back again because of his encounter with her.

According to IMDB, Bruno Bichir played the Chief in the Titans episode. The other casting changes are the two guys who do the physical masked acting for Robotman and Negative Man are different (the voice actors are the same). Jake Michaels and Dwain Murphy for Titans verses Riley Shanahan and Matthew Zuk for Doom Patrol.