Doom Patrol on TV Guide's Top 100 List!

Not that we’re surprised, of course. Follow the link below to read all the adulation we’ve been saying for months!

What’s your take on TV Guide’s interpretation of Doom Patrol? Did they get it right? Let us know your thoughts, or just join us in a big hearty “congratulations!” to the Doom Patrol cast and crew below!


Wow, glowing review! Congrats DC!

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Very cool! :clap:Congrats DP!:clap: I agree with their interpretation. It does have elements of how ppl face their brokenness and I’d add fears. I especially liked this quote:
“But even a subversive show like Legion has nothing on DC Universe’s Doom Patrol.”
That’s right y’all! :robot:

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Congrats DP!

SN: TV Guide is still around, huh? Good for them!


And it deserves all the accolades it can get.


Awesome Congrats


Here’s hoping Titans reach the same level of quality. Please don’t disappoint me Titans Season 2.

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Woo! 62! Great writeup by TV Guide. Doom Patrol deserves it. It was my favorite DC Universe show by far. I’m really happy about season 2.

I gotta agree with their choice for number 1! Schitt’s Creek is hilarious. Nice seeing a lot of the shows I watch on this list.

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I recently started watching. “Wow”, he understated.


Deserves to be higher, but I’ll take the win! :grin: